The Wokingham Federation works in close partnership with the Wellington College Learning Alliance. Joint working and collaboration helps improve the quality of teaching and learning at all levels and this is a highly valued partnership.

The Wellington College Learning Alliance is passionate about working with schools and partners to help them be the best they can be in their field of education. Our aim is to provide a range of professional development for educational professionals and the objective is to improve the outcomes for pupils in our partner schools. We bring teachers, senior leaders and strategic partners together, focusing upon the needs of educational professionals to help drive school improvements.

WCTSP-1‘There is no such thing as a good school, but a school that is full of good teachers’ (Wiliam, 2006). From this it follows that investment in educational professionals is a vital part of school improvement. Our vision is to embed a culture of aspiration, collaboration and excellence, and to empower those working in schools to develop a strong learning culture, using a self-improving education system and the sharing of best practice.